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From the creative construction of Brajeel and magnificence of its design we inspired our perfume…

Barjeel is not new in UAE, it goes back to the Abbasid era, since then it was spread in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and U.A.E, some relate it to ancient Egyptian era too.

Barjeel looks like Arabian bay windows which made of decorated and engraved wood It was very necessary specially in coastal areas with its cubic shape based on four columns opened from all sides on the roof of the house it gathers air from all sides and delivers it into the house to temper the air.

That’s why it was well known all over UAE in the beginning of the 20th century specially in Dubai which named Brajeel Oasis after it. Nowadays Brajeel is used only for decoration.

From the creative construction of Brajeel and magnificence of its design we inspired our perfume.


Recognizing the historical importance of the fort and the beauty of its design…

Over the mountains of ALHAYL stands tall the fort of Al Hayl, an architectural masterpiece defies time.

Al Hayl fort is located 13 kilometers south of Fujairah. According to the stories of the long-lived local people, it was built during the time of Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdullah Al Sharqi. Based on the results of carbon 14 study, the fort was built in 1830.

Recognizing the historical importance of the fort and the beauty of its design, Fujairah Tourism and Antiquities Authority started its restoration during 2006 to 2008.

As the name Al Hayl incarnates the beauty and glory, we have merged the most beautiful oils to equivalent its beauty and gave it its name


From the strength and power of Rabdan we bring you this fragrance…

RABDAN is a mare that was belong to governor of Abu Dhabi Shaikh Zayed Bin Khalifa Bin Shakhboot Al Nahyan (1904 – 1855) known as “First Zayed” or “Grand Zayed”.  Many poetries were told of how powerful and fast this mere was, till it became a true example of strength and speed putting it as one of the finest breeds in region.

The story started with KAHILAH as stallion belonged to Shaikh Zayed Bin Khalifah and was given as a gift to one of Al Remaithat family member who took her to Al Ain. There she gave birth to RABDAN named after her male father horse who was given back to Shaikh Zayed bin Khalifa.

When Shaikh Zayed bin Khalifah died in 1909, Shaikh Rashed Bin Ahmed Bin Abdullah Almualla ruler of Umm Alqwain (1922-1904) attended the ceremony and saw RABDAN tied up next to the fort. He was amazed with that fine animal while Shaikh Sultan Bin Zayed (father of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan) ruler of Abu Dhabi (1922-1926) next to him, so he gave it to him as a gift to travel all the way to Umm Alqwain emirate.  Till today the breed of this Mare still exsists with Royal family of Almualla and its called “Sons of Rabdan” as a simple of how fine and elite this kind is.

From the strength and power of RABDAN we bring you this fragrance.


Inspired by that era and its charm…

The Arabian land unveils its past and discloses its secrets to reveal the DARIS river in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Dating back to millions of years, its remnants were discovered during the excavations in the west region.

Inspired by that era and its charm, we introduce to you the privileged essence DARIS which gathers the oriental charm and mysteries and blend it with scents of European forests with a touch of east Asian jungles.


Determinations of men turn dreams into reality.

February 18, 1968, is a date remembered by Emirati people and the whole world as the day the dream of the union was born. In that day his highness sheikh Zayed Aal Nahyan visited his highness sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum and ignite the union vision. They agreed to invite their Highnesses the rulers of Arab Emirates to meet in Dubai that included Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah as well as Qatar and Bahrain. With hard determination and insistence, the consultations and meetings continued in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah from the beginnings of 1968 until the early seventies with a strong belief in the union the project of federal-state was approved in 1971 in which the road of growth and property was drawn.

We present to you “71” essence, involving seven essential oils extracted from the local Emirati ambiance and combined into one bottle to represent Joined in one united house.


MAJAN fragrance which its scent will take you to the magnificence of the past…

Exploring the pages of history back to 5000 years, we walk on the coasts of great MAJAN where we combine the greatness of past with the magnificence of modernity.

MAJAN is a culture centered in Abu Dhabi specifically in Umm Annar. It was named the land of MAJAN and spread between Baynonah land and borders of Qatar from one side to Saudi from the other side. Its history extends deeply more than 3000 year before the born of the Christian peace be upon him.

The name of MAJAN consists of two parts, “MA” means Ship and “JAN” means Structure.

It was neighboured by the civilization of Meluhha in the Emirate of Sharjah in Meliha archaeological site at Khatm passage at the base of Fayah mountain.

It is beleived by the historians that MAJAN and Meluhha civilizations founded on the shores of the Arabian Gulf and developed side by side with other civilizations, the Akkadian in Iraq and the Dilmun in Bahrain. MAJAN provided many merchandise to the world, from which was inspired to blend javan frankincense, Sandalwood Oil and Oud Wood with Musk to introduce to you MAJAN fragrance which its scent will take you to the magnificence of the past.


We are proud to bring to you this fragrance…

A Descendant of Saqlawiyah horse, the horse of the Prophet Mohammad (PCBH), Kahliah came.

She was a mare owned by Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa Bin Shakhboot Al Nahyan as a gift from one of Makkah Nobels to one of his grandfathers. Since then, the Sheikhs inherited this strain from father to son and its offspring is well known until nowadays at Al Nahyans, Al Muallas royal families and many of those interested in purebred Arabian horses in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf.

And for the feminine touch of KHAILAH, we are proud to bring to you this fragrance.


ALHAMRA is an island located in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. It was named after the local Caracal animal and called Alhamra in the local dialect.

ALHAMRA island is considered as the last heritage city still existing in the United Arab Emirates. The island holds all elements of the historical city including the fort for defensive purposes, a small market, many mosques and variable collection of house patterns ranging from simple houses to ornate house with backyards owned by pearl traders.

ALHAMRA is also considered one of the best locations to study the architecture of heritage buildings constructed of coral stones which were used along the costal line of the Arabian Gulf.

ALHAMRA island incarnates the pristine image of life before the discovery of oil in which the people lived on fishing and pearl trading before they abandoned it to catch up with the evolution in the mid twentieth century

From ALHAMRA, the soul of origin we bring to you this fragrance.


We inspired our distinctive Fragrance to immerse you with its refreshing aroma…

It is the biggest and oldest Banyan tree people used to gather around during the celebrations, holidays, poetry nights and horse races. The name Rolla was derived from the fruit of the Banyan tree (Roll) and it is believed that the height of this tree reached about 15 meters while its ranches covers an area of 30 meters and can accommodate more than 500 people.

It is said that Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qasimi the ruler of Sharjah (1803-1866) brought this tree. It was estimated (by the time it died in 1987) of more than 150 years. A monument was built (Rolla Square) in memory of it.

From the essence of Rolla we inspired our distinctive fragrance to immerse you with its refreshing aroma.

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